Color Filler


For Android

Solve/Create offline/online puzzles by dragging color paths on a grid.


Solve the puzzles by flowing color paths and by filling all the empty blocks.
Colored blocks has fixed path lengths except for some special blocks which make the game more exciting and challenging. Special blocks are the most fun part of the game which make the game logically tough and becomes tougher as you progress. There are 150+ puzzle levels for you to start with and more levels will be added in our future releases.


You can play online levels by browsing/selecting or putting game ID. And these puzzles are created by someone like you, somewhere in the world. You can rate the online level after completion, according to how exciting it was to solve. It will help the level creators to create more and more excellent puzzles. Solve as much online levels as you can to compete with other players worldwide. There is a dedicated leader-board for that.


Yes, you read it right. you can create your own puzzles too. You can create any complex puzzle within a minute or two. It’s that easy. There is also a text based instruction to help you as you move on. You can then test the puzzle, upload, and share with different media. The more people play your levels, the more chances you have to compete with dedicated leader-board of uploaders. So, don’t forget to share them as much as possible. It is advised to play at least 5 levels per offline categories before creating any puzzle as it will help you understand the flow and creating the puzzle will be super easy.

At a glance:

  • 150+ jaw dropping offline puzzles to solve in 8 categories to start with.
  • Unlimited undo to help you solve levels.
  • CREATE mode: You can easily create your own puzzles, upload & share for others to play.
  • Compete with other players by uploading/sharing or playing online puzzle levels.
  • Virtually unlimited puzzles can be created.
  • No In-App-Purchase is needed to play/create any of the offline/online puzzles.

Good luck!


For Android

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