Retro Pack Renewed


For Android

Did you play with the classic brick game simulator having lot of games? Well, how would it like modern games to be played with that style? Presenting you a pack of modern games, but definitely with the old brick game style.

How to Play: Most of the games can be played by tapping on the screen, and for other games, you have to tap left or right side of the screen to move accordingly.

Features of this Game Pack:

  • 10×3=30 Achievements to achieve.
  • 10 Leader-boards, one for each game.
  • Beautiful separate music and sound for each game.
  • More games will be added on the upcoming updates with new achievements and leader-boards.

Enjoy Playing!


For Android

This Game Pack contains the following games:

1. Shooting Car Race: Driving the car with lot of traffics was never easy. But hey, what if you have the ability to shoot and destroy other cars while you drive ahead?

2. Road Crossing Game: As the name suggest, your objective is to cross the road and obviously, be aware of the vehicles on the road. Don’t just crush with them.

3. Ship Battle: Lots of aircraft are trying to bomb down your ship. Move your ship, target the enemies and destroy them with you anti-aircraft missiles.

4. Helicopter Game: Your directive is to avoid the hill blocks while you fly with your helicopter though the caves.

5. Tower Builder: Place the tower blocks with great timing to make your tower rise so high that it will meet the sky.

6. Zigzag Fish: There are fishing nets placed with zigzag pattern to catch your little poor fish. But avoid them as long as you can.

7. Pipe Blocker: Your aim is to move the blocker pipe so that you can release the balls which are coming down very fast and in angles.

8. 15 Puzzle: Well, sure, you are well known about the 9 or 15 puzzle game. But here, you have a board of 3×6=18 pieces to sort accordingly.

9. Jumpy Jump: Jump your robot and land on safe moving platform to go higher and higher.

10. Snake Game: Well, this snake game is little bit tricky. Your foods are not some fixed ones. They can move and they are intelligent.

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