One Thumb Games

About Us

One Thumb Games is founded in 2014 with the motive to develop great multi-platform games which are to be distributed through different channels to the game enthusiasts all over the world. Soon enough, it grows to several team members who are working hard to take the company one step ahead continuously. And as a result, we have developed more than fifteen games along with lot of prototypes. You can find nine games which are live on google play store. The rests are for our clients to showcase them. Of course, there are other tremendous ideas of new games in our pipeline.

We have already satisfied lot of game enthusiasts as well as some of the big renowned companies through game development and most of them are from ideas or scratch.

There are obviously lot of challenges we faced and with the help of our dedicated and passionate team, we won over each and every aspect of them. We are looking forward to change the game development history and become one of the most renowned company ever.

Who We Are

Whoever we are, here, at One Thumb Games, are passionate and dedicated about game development. And we are still growing on numbers, not only by mere developers, but different arena needed for game industry. You think of an idea for a game, our team will help you out from the scratch to the finish product until you and your customers are happy enough. That’s not all, with the increasing technology, we are always up-to-date and easily cope-up with the new trends for your convenience. But as you can see we don’t only develop for the clients, we develop for ourselves too, for satisfaction and diverse portfolio to help you understand what we are capable of. Hence, One Thumb Games is your best bet for playing and developing multi-platform games. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We will be so happy to hear from you and your opinions. Happy Gaming 🙂

Our Mission

These but not least are our main missions and we dream them, sleep them, keep them in our heart all the time –

  • Game Development with latest trend and technology
  • Satisfy the game players as well as the clients
  • Contribute to the future game industry
  • Meet the deadline at any cost or effort
  • Drink lot of coffees 😀

Our Vision

As visionary people are always the successful one, why not a company with lot of dedicated people with powerful future planning can’t be successful? Of course, indeed –

  • Become one of the most prestigious game development company within five years
  • If the game would be developed by One Thumb Games, people will blindly trust and play the game
  • Be a super publisher for the indie developers who are struggling with their startup
  • Continue to grow our business to have branches in all of the major cities of the world
  • Again, drink more coffees 😀 😀 😀