One Thumb Games

Founded in 2014, One Thumb Games is serving the people all over the world through game development. We, the team are very much passionate about developing great games and are aimed to satisfy the thirst of game enthusiasts and of course, with assuring the best quality.

Our Games Are

Fun to Play

The word “Fun” is at the first position in our dictionary 😉 You will enjoy every moment diving in our games. Still confused? Why not download and try any of our games? If the games are paid ones, we would surely offer money back guarantee 😀

Quick & Easy

One thing we always keep in mind that the game should be easy to play and there should be no learning curve. That’s why people just love our games. They can proceed to game play with a blink of an eye.

Beautiful Interface

Oh well, who doesn’t like it beautiful? So does we. And our hand crafted UI or UX designs will surprise you. Please don’t bite your nails looking at them, you may hurt your fingers. Instead, go through eye popping UI and play the game till the end.

Highly Addictive

Should we mention that? But please do not complain about your sleepless night with bad headache and wasting your valuable time. Attention: you may get fired if you are looking at your beautiful mobile screen and your boss is looking at your beautiful face 😉

Regular Updates

Oh no, as the digital world is growing, the number of various mobile devices are also growing exponentially. And believe us, more and more digital bugs are eating our games gradually. So, we have to fight with this along with new features in our games. We always try to ensure you the updated game features and smooth game play experience.

Leaderboard & Achievements

Please keep in mind that you are not alone. Maybe others are achieving more than you and challenge you with the scores they have reached. Are you ready to fight them back? You don’t look like to be a giving up person, and we are pretty sure.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon