Pile Up 3


For Android

Swipe to different angle and match the colored blocks to pile them up on a fixed grid. Pile containing 3 or more blocks will be removed from board or grid and you will have more empty position for block movements. Level completion depends on a specific color. So, you have to accomplish enough piled up blocks of that color to complete the level. Some strategic movement is also required to pile up the same colored blocks. Beaware of filled up grid with no possible movement. But here you can use shuffle power to shuffle the blocks randomly on the grid. You will get 9 shuffle powers to start with and 1 shuffle power after every 6 hours. But if you run out of the powers, buying a little shuffle pack won’t harm you that much.

Pile up 3 Game Features:

  • Easy to play, up and going
  • Unlimited missions with increasing difficulty
  • Free gift after every 6 hours
  • Pile blocks to survive and complete mission
  • Leader-boards
  • Ads to buy us coffee
  • Hours of fun

For Android

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