Swipe Grids Color Matching


For Android

It’s not traditional color matching game. You have to follow some strategies to survive and score more. You can spawn color blocks in the grid by swiping left/right/up/down and try to match 3 or more color blocks in the grid. There are several types of game variations, from very easy to very hard. Choose your style. We assume, you will pass a great leisure time with this great color matching game.

Game Features:

  • Easy to play, difficult to master
  • 5 types of grids
  • 6×6 with 4 colors (very easy)
  • 7×7 with 5 colors (easy)
  • 8×8 with 6 colors (medium)
  • 9×9 with 7 colors (hard)
  • 10×10 with 8 colors (very hard)
  • Leader-board for each grid type
  • Very simple yet addicting game

For Android

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