Lineup : Block Puzzle


For Android

Lineup : Block Puzzle game is designed in 3D, where you will replace the falling blocks to another board. Your aim is to match lines, much like the favorite brick game as much as possible and clear the board for more blocks to move there. More lines at a time means more scores. Watch out for stacking up the falling blocks beyond it’s limits.

There are two types of block sets (Classic 1 and 2) and four types of game modes to play with:

  • Basic: This is for your unlimited playing. Survive for as long as you can.
  • Time Attack: You will be given two minutes at start. But you can increase your time by matching lines. The more lines you match at time, the more time you will get. Kind of swift play for your quick refreshment.
  • Revolving: Here, the puzzle block board will revolve for every block you moved. Easy but with a twist.
  • Mixed: This is a combined game mode with time attack and revolving block puzzles.

You will get destroyer blocks to clean up some of your board blocks. So, use them wisely.

Game Features:

  • 3D and unique block puzzle game
  • 2×4 = 8 types of games
  • 8 leader-boards. Each for every game type
  • 21 Achievements to achieve
  • Clean interfaces
  • Easy to learn, in fact, no learning curve
  • Great way to pass your spare time

For Android

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